BIM Collaboration in Virtual Reality

Faster, greener and better engineering with BIM and CAD

“Vrex sets a new standard for collaboration in the construction industry, reducing the distance between project teams and building data in a Virtual Reality environment.

Mauro Sabiu, BIM Manager

Better understanding of CAD problems


VR gives a much greater understanding of problems than traditional screens and paper. Better understanding leads to more confident decisions.

Fewer CAD problems due to better understanding

Fewer Mistakes

By seeing your project in a 1:1 scale you will find more issues and mistakes earlier in your 3D-model that would not be found using clash-detection, screens, or paper.

VR for CAD / BIM helps your business in multiple ways

Tripple Bottom Line

Give your projects increased profit, greater environmental responsibility and a
better work-life balance for the team

Vrex is designed for large, complex projects which makes it a natural choice for our partners

When to use Vrex?

Virtual inspection

Meet inside the 3D-model and do visual inspections of your project in a 1:1 scale to get a greater understanding of what you are actually going to build. This leads to discovering issues and finding better solutions earlier in the project.

Help stakeholders make more confident decisions!

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Virtual reviews

All projects have review-meetings with stakeholders, project owners, managers, and others. Vrex as a virtual communication tool that enables your team to have more frequent review meetings from anywhere in the world without traveling.

The result is better communication and discussions about ongoing issues. You will get faster approvals on the work being done, and reduce risk. This makes the engineering phase go faster with fewer expensive mistakes being discovered late in the project.

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Construction and assembly

Up to 80% of paper-plans used on-site is outdated and leads to mistakes being done. Vrex connects the barracks with engineering offices and allows workers to explore and discuss recent changes in the 3D-model before starting the day’s work. This gives workers the chance to see their work in full context, and how it affects what is coming next.​

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