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Is it possible to have review meetings across the globe as if you are in the same room?


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*Import openBIM, it handles extremely large IFC files from all sources. View, create and export BCF-issues to and from your current cloud solution. Import STEP files, Vrex also handles extremely large STEP files”

“VREX is the only solution that handles security properly, it is top priority.”

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What is VREX?

VREX is a decision-making tool, it lets your run review meetings with your colleagues and partners more frequently in less time.

  • Eliminate communication problems
  • Remove traveling time
  • Find solutions to your BCF-issues
  • Reduce human mistakes

Do it all in a virtual room with the tools you need to discover challenges, explore solutions and delegate tasks without wasting any time on the road.

All filetypes supported, including STEP files and openBIM with BCF from any existing cloud service.

How does it work?

VREX brings your 3D-files into virtual reality for collaboration with anyone around the world, without traveling. Quick, easy and professional.

  • Make good decisions together with your colleagues across the globe
  • Get client approvals and feedback
  • Bring experts in to help solve problems
  • And it is easy to use

We have automated the process of bringing your data* into a virtual space, and combining them in a way optimized for holding productive meetings.

openBIM, Vrex handles extremely large IFC files from all sources
STEP, Vrex handles extremely large STEP files

View create and export BCF-issues to and from your current cloud solution

“All Inclusive” means we handle everything you need

If you are new to virtual collaboration then let us help your organisation get started. We can handle everything from hardware to support and training in how to efficiently work in Virtual Reality.

  • We deliver everthing you need at your door
  • You get equipment and laptops, ready to go in minutes
  • We show you how to use it
  • Free Virtual Reality support is included, call us any time
  • Take our training courses in how to perform effective Virtual Reality meetings in daily operations
  • Be part of our development community where you can suggest what tools you need in Virtual Reality, and how to bring the solution forward

Risk Free Guarantee: If you are not happy with the service just return the hardware

Brief tech talk

VREX is a service created by VIXEL AS.  It supports ISO-standard STEP and IFC files exported from Creo, Solidworks, Tekla, Revit, Inventor, Trimble, or any other system that exports these filetypes. VREX will also support Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality as soon as hardware becomes available to the public.

It can be used with Virtual Reality equipment like Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality, HTC Vive, and similar hardware. Note however that you do not need virtual reality (VR) hardware to participate; VREX lets you participate from your laptop or desktop.

If you are interested in more technical details, please contact us.