When your team needs to review construction designs, do A/B testing, inspect factory layouts, check city plans, and make good decisions Vrex has what you need

When your team needs to review construction designs, do A/B testing, inspect factory layouts, check city plans, and make good decisions Vrex has what you need

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Let virtual reality enhance your workflow

Information in full context is key to reducing mistakes and saving time
Completing projects faster with less mistakes means lower cost


Share your plans with clients and partners to make sure you all agree on a vision for the project

Design Review

Virtual review meetings lets you coordinate sub-contractors, correct errors efficiently, and allows clients to follow the project’s progress

Construction workers

Guide your assembly team, or let construction workers create their own measurement-lists before work begins


Make sure progress goes as planned and discuss and agree on adjustments when issues arise

Optimized for performance,
it pushes the limits of VR

This means we handle your projects with ease, so that you can communicate across disciplines with clarity, and zero misunderstandings on a wide range of different projects


Engineering Procurement and Construction

Engineering Procurement and Construction

openBIM for construction projects

openBIM for construction projects

Mechanical, Computer Aided Design

Mechanical, Computer Aided Design

Designed to make it as easy as possible to create virtual rooms with your own content

Upload your 3D files and other content

Grab a cup of coffee

Receive an e-mail with the result

Everyone joins your VR-rooms for free

Our unique pricing-model means that only the host has a license, everyone else joins your VR-rooms for free. This makes it super easy to get all project members to join you in working virtually

Get started


Just share a link and start working

«VR-on-demand» means it is easy to share VR-experiences with others outside your team. Let clients, partners or sub-contractors join you simply by sharing a link, and you are ready to work


Reclaim your workday

Less traveling, fewer e-mails and confusing phone calls, more productivity. Our users see on average 65% reduction in traveling and issue related emails, helping them enjoy a simpler, more pleasant and productive work life


Privacy and data protection

We take security seriously and use one of the strongest block ciphers available – 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256). With server side encryption (SSE) every object is encrypted. Data is securely upload/download via SSL encrypted endpoints. The encrypted endpoints is accessible from and within Vrex so that data is transferred securely in transit. Ask us for more detailed info

Our Mission

Connecting teams of people with digital information, in a virtual environment designed for optimal sharing and collaboration. We want to help make good decisions and reduces time and cost on your projects

Connect teams of professionals around the world

Combine the best of both worlds: people and digital information

Support our customers towards their goals

Streamline and expanded our functions

Pursue niche markets with unique problems that we can help solve

Our Mission

Start working in VR

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