Filetypes supported by VREX

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For BIM and construction you are most likely to be using IFC files with BCF for communication.
STEP/STP files are most commonly used for CAD based technical construction within manufacturing, oil, gas, factorys, and other computer aided design

IFC - Industry Foundation Classes

IFC – Industry Foundation Classes

an open file format used by Building Information Modeling (BIM) programs; contains a model of a building or facility, including spatial elements, materials, and shapes. Developed by: BuildingSMART

BCF - BIM Collaboration Format

BCF – BIM Collaboration Format

BCF is an open file format that supports workflow communication in BIM processes. Typically used for issue tracking Developed by: BuildingSMART

STEP - Standard for the Exchange of Product model data

STEP – Standard for the Exchange of Product model data

STEP file is a CAD file format used to share 3D models between users of different CAD systems. CAD file interchangeability is a headache in the field, this is what ISO Standard 10303 is trying to solve. We recommend AP 214 and AP 242 Developed by: ISO

COLLADA - COLLAborative Design Activity

COLLADA – COLLAborative Design Activity

an interchange file format for interactive 3D applications Developed by: Khronos Group, nonprofit

OBJ - Object

OBJ – Object

an open 3D-geometry definition file format supported by most software packages

CSV - Comma-Seperated Values

CSV – Comma-Seperated Values

CSV is a simple file format used to import and exported data from programs such as project management systems, Excel and other