Vrex is designed to be as easy as possible, move your project into VR in 3 easy steps

There are many ways to use Vrex through our integrations, but Vrex can also be used on it’s own.
This is how

Upload one or many files to Vrex

Grab a coffee while Vrex does the work

When it is done you get an e-mail with a link to share with everyone you want to join you in VR

Sign up, or ask us to get more detailed information

How to use Vrex

Get detailed instructions on how you can use Vrex, including all our integrations

Feature list

Get a full list of what features and tools Vrex includes. Including a list of what is coming soon

Panel of expert users

Join our panel of expert users to get early access to new features, and help guide the development of Vrex to ensure it covers your needs in the future

What file types we support?

IFC, BCF, STEP/STP, DAE, OBJ, CSV, andre more are comming

Read more about filetypes