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How Vrex work

Vrex is design for easy use


Upload your 3D-model to Vrex


It gets automatically processed and placed inside a virtual-room

Ready to go

Once it is done you receive an e-mail with a link. Forward this e-mail to everyone on your team you want to work with in VR

Vrex has the tools you need to get work done fast and efficiently

Issue reports

Read and write issue reports with your team directly in VR, and share the results with other issue-tracking systems


Bringing new people into VR can be a difficult task in some VR-software. Vrex has tools to bring your team to exactly where you want them to be


Check dimensions and access, or let construction workers create their own measuring-lists before they begin their work


Your objects are assigned to layers that lets you review sub-contractors work individually, or perform A/B testing

Much more

We add new features often. Ask us about the full list of features, or sign up for a free trial and experience them.

Your project

We support open ISO-standards for optimal data-exchange to make it easy to bring projects in from your current software solutions

IFC 4.2 and older

BCF 2.1 and older

STEP-file STP AP 242

STEP-file STP 214

Collada DAE

Wavefront OBJ

CSV files

Your project

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